Sunday, 6 May 2012

Bingo success! :)

On Friday, my children's school held a PTA fund raising Bingo. Of course my daughter desperately wanted to go, so the 3 of us trooped a long. 

Although we did not win with our bingo numbers, we did win with the raffle! 4 times!! The last number that met one of our 2 strips was a tin of loose tea. I kindly gave this to my friend who had to run around after us collecting our prizes. She deserved compensation due to the fact we had to leave half hour before the end!

My daughter won a bubble bath set with lotions and an eye shadow, my son won a Cars jigsaw puzzle. I won a set of make - up and body lotions from accessorize. :) 

I feel lucky...and a little bashful...because my friends and very few people who attended in general, won anything. And we won 4 times!! :D 

We bought 3 bingo books for £3.00 and the 2 strips of raffle tickets for £2.00. I think the Accessorize set well made up for that and more. :)

 My daughters little bath set...and I gave her the lotions and the purple eye shadow from my set above. :)
My sons puzzle. :)

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  1. wow, way to go! very cool prizes! new follower, can't wait to catch up on your posts :)