Sunday, 1 April 2012

Essential nails acrylic nails training

I shall begin my post with my arch enemy. The cause of many sulks and tantrums.

Acrylic nails training.

The epitome of evil. 

I have been training on this course for 9 months. I chose against training on a quick 1-4 day course, due to research showing most therapists do not feel confident enough to offer this treatment on a professional level.

So I enrolled with Essential Nails, for their home study acrylic nail course. I opted for the 6 month payment option, where I paid £75 per month over the 6 month period. 

You are provided with a kit, which consists of everything you need to get through your study. The best bit is the model hand, with flexible, movable joints. Each finger has the nail joint that accommodates fake nails that you click in and out.

They are very helpful and are forthcoming with help and advice when required.

I have reached the level of being able to train on actual clients, and have done for some time. They look really lovely once I have first applied the acrylic and decorated with nail art. My one and only issue? Their longevity. The lifting is absolutely the bane of my life. Although the issue is improving, I have come close to giving up a number of times, and recently had a 2-3 month break!! Just too much.

So this is a journey in itself. Last week I did 2 acrylic nail treatments. One was a nail biter.

My heart always sinks to bottomless depths when presented with a nail biter!!

They are famously the most difficult nails to do, and their lasting power is hideous. Lifting is the norm. Giving after care advice is futile.

The second client is a regular of mine, and her nails last, look lovely and is a dream to do treatments on. We also have a good catch up. :)

 My nail biter client...they went on well, a bit tricky because of her straight across bitten nail line....but we got there
 Hopefully they will last for her. She is a teenager, who does not cook or clean. There is hope!! :D
 My lovely client R who looks after her extensions to perfection. DESPITE what I view as an obsession with decorating! :D
Nail art done with Konad nail stamping, using Drummer boy by China Glaze. Stamps to perfection. The pearly pink is OPI.

The nail trainer/severed hand! 

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