Thursday, 12 April 2012

Nail nemesis

My sister has the most appalling nails. Truly disgusting. She is a chronic nail biter. She has been growing them for about 2 weeks and asked me to do a mini manicure. I did my very best. I just hope that she actually sticks to breaking the biting habit this time!!

I have removed the excess cuticle and buffed the nails so that they are even, (she also 'peels' the top layer of nail when there is no more nail to bite!!) and painted them with OPI. I put a lot of cuticle oil...and am now crossing my fingers and hoping for the best!!!


  1. wow they're so small! good for her for making it 2 weeks without biting! hope she keeps it up :)

  2. I know!! A nightmare...and they are greatly improved compared to 2 weeks ago!! I shall update her progress when I next see her. :) x