Sunday, 15 April 2012

Purple eye shadow using Sleek pallettes I am putting up pictures of my eyeshadow of the day. I do not own any high end make-up products as of yet. This is simply due to the fact that my bread and butter in the salon appears to be more on the nail side of things, and also waxing.

BUT...I have made do with some high street products that really do the job nicely. My absolute favourite at this moment in time, are the eye shadow palettes by 'Sleek'. They really are fantastic. I will be doing a review on them in my next post, but here I would like to just show you my eyes for today. :)

 See the brown splodge contrasting the blue of my eyes. Why the universe couldn't have gone the whole hog and blessed me with brown eyes I do not know. It was in a taunting mood on that day I suspect.

 I used the bright purple on the outer wing which I blended with the deeper purple.
 The dark purple in the centre was used as the contouring which was also blended with the brighter purple.
These 2 colours were combined for the upper lid. I then used the creamier colour on the right for the inner corners of my eyes.

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