Sunday, 15 April 2012

Sleek Palettes

As I mentioned in my previous post, I do not own any high end make -up products. Simply due to the fact that there hasn't been such a high demand for make-up treatments in the salon where I work.

So here I will rave about some palettes that I think are absolutely amazing, especially for the price!! They retail for around £6.00 for the entire palette, which at times can be a warning sign of  a product lacking in quality. Not with these.

They are super pigmented, and they really do have lasting power. Although I am not able to compare these to much more expensive brands, I can say that they are on Parr, if not rival, the likes of Maybelline. 

My only issue with these palettes, is the lack of matt colours. They are all shimmers, which is a real shame, as some skin types, especially more mature skins, cannot pull of the shine.

But maybe they will release more matts the more popular they become.

 This is their 'Bad Girl' palette.
 This is their 'Storm' palette. I have over used this one!!
 This is their 'Original' palette.
This is their 'Sunset' palette.


  1. wow the storm palette looks like my kind of style! very cute. I don't think they have this brand in Canada?

  2. oooo, Im not sure! But they do have their own website, that can deliver it to you. Yet this makes it much less value for money at the end? $13.50 for international delivery. I hope you find it near to you, and if not, that there is a similar alternative!xx