Sunday, 1 April 2012

Some of my better Acrylic nails during training

Free hand nail art on top of french. Another client, who is also a hairdresser where I work. Her nails last and last.

The pic opposite - I painted on the french tips. These did not last, the client claiming that they 'popped off', and then told me how she picked them off for an hour. Gotta love some people.
Again, my workmate. She went through a stage of liking the extra long talons!!
 My nails, with Konad nail stamping.
 A client who is a nail biter. Pearl glitter tips - sculpted, with small fans. To my utter surprise, these lasted so well!!!
 One of my first sets on myself. I mixed a super pink pigmented eye shadow powder with the acrylic powder, and sculpted the smile line. Nail art done with a dotting tool.
Purple glitter tips. Sculpted. :)

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