Monday, 23 April 2012

Massage training...progress and aching!

Yesterday I did a back neck and shoulders massage on my friend C, the friend who made my amazing nest and eggs pendant. I am always so scared of doing these things on people I know!! It's so much easier to do treatments on people you do not know. 

Think it must be performance anxiety!

But anyway, it went well, I remembered the sequence and the pressure has got better. In the past, my pressure has been off. Apparently I was too gentle. So the past couple of massages, I have put all my weight into it. The 'clients' are giving me much better feedback.

The downfall...Now I need a massage!! My poor muscles!! Guys...there really is a good reason why massage treatments are so expensive. My muscles are close to leaping off my body and running away!! x


  1. Interesting perspective- I never thought of how giving a massage might effect the massage therapist! I've never had a 'real' massage, only amateur ones from friends and family members!

  2. Neither did I until I began this training. I thought it would be similar to most certainly is not!!! You have to put all your energy and weight into it. At least I will be fit if these massages become popular! :) x