Saturday, 18 August 2012

Absolutely Flawless nail for children

These nail foils came with my She Said Beauty box. Now, like I wrote in my She Said Beauty box review, these are of no use to me. But my daughter will love them. I put them on her. I skipped the step of filing the shine from the nail plate. I KNOW what that does to nails, and I would like hers to stay strong and healthy.

I squeeked the nails. (Rubbing over them with nail polish to remove any oils etc that remain on the nails) and cut them down to size. They are very easy to apply. I use tweezers to hold the individual foils, for easier application. Once all are placed and smoothed down, you run a nail file along the nail edge to remove the residual foil design.

My daughter is very happy with them, and I think that for the younger age groups, these work well enough. Especially for the price. You can't go wrong.

There's even enough for a couple more applications.

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