Friday, 17 August 2012

First She Said Beauty box... first ever beauty box was a big disappointment.

My August She Said Beauty box arrived late July, so delivery is outstanding! I was pleasantly surprised that it arrived so quick! This is where my excitement ended. 

My expectations were obviously too high to appreciate the box. 

On the plus side, this box made my first ever glossybox experience a very positive one!

I am going to give She Said Beauty time to redeem themselves, with 2 boxes. If the contents continue to disappoint, then I will give up, and try another box. The last few months boxes have looked pretty fantastic...hence why I subscribed to them first. So hopefully they'l raise their game after this 'blip'.

 My outrage item...TOOTHPASTE!!! Will say no more other than What Where They Thinking?
Sample : less than 90p

The balance me lipbalm is actually lovely. But as lovely as it was also free with a magazine last month.
Full size : £12.00

The Redken color extend Radient - 10. Still unsure what it does, other than provide 10 essential benefits. Said benefits are not listed. So Im non the wiser. Leaves my hair frizzy, so the nourishing lotion is not nourishing enough. :/
Sample : No more than £5.00
 Papier blotting papers. I have to say that I have combination skin type, so when I tried a sheet of this, it did work. Although not for long. Nice to try though.
20 leaf : £7.95

The Absolutely flawless nail version of Minx, which I have worked with. My daughter has now been handed these...which she loves.
Sample : less than £1.00

Our bonus item. smells awful. Manly, citrus/ cleaning product like. Like the teeny bottle though.

The rough total value of the box was £26.85. The subscription is £10 a month, plus £2.95 (ish) postage. So we did get our money's worth. 

Unfortunately I experienced the downside of beauty boxes early on. Which may be a plus seeing as this has caused me to lower my expectations. Which will mean I will be bowled over by a good box!!

My box also arrived damaged. 

I have a more positive reaction to the glossybox coming very soon. :)

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