Saturday, 11 August 2012

Garnier ultralift challenge I gave this a go. It is a free 12 day trial, so if anyone is interested, then please go to this website: Garnier ultralift challenge

Now, I did the trial, following it religiously every day. I do not have wrinkles around my eye area, but I am the unlucky owner of prominent laughter lines around my mouth. Which are the bane of my life! 

So I was very much hoping to see a difference, and then I would have bought the full sized product. 

What actually happened was my face felt velvety soft for the 12 days! I did not see a noticable difference in the depth of my lines. Just healthier looking skin. 

Now, we all know that moisturising the skin is key to preventing lines and wrinkles. Most good creams and lotions do the job well.

I see this as a glorified moisturiser. Saying this, it gives such a lovely feel to your face, that I would like it as a moisturiser, to be used as a PREVENTATIVE, rather than a cure for
existing lines.

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