Saturday, 18 August 2012

Review of Revlon color stay.

This is a must have foundation. Hands down the best drug store foundation.

The coverage is fantastic. Really good consistency. I would describe it as fairly thick, but only to a perfect amount! 

It lasts well throughout the day. I wore it all through my shift at work the other day, and it was still pretty much intact at the end of the day. 

Tried to get photo's of it, but I am currently throwing tantrums over the crapness of my camera. NOTHING turns out through the lens, the way it actually looks in real life. Especially make up. I am going to invest in a good camera and hope its pictures are true to life.

I used the oily/combination range, in Buff Chamois. It also has SPF 6.


Notice my freckly, almost orange tint.

This is much better, almost hiding my freckles with one thin layer

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