Friday, 17 August 2012

First Glossybox...(Beware SPOILER) after my She Said Beauty box let down...this box was received in a kinder light than I think it would have been!!

This month's theme was International Superstars. Which is fitting considering all the nations have come together for the Olympics. :)

 I have to begin with the rubbish item first!! Oh deary me!! After researching, this item is most definitely not a cult item in Spain. It is most often found in their Thrift stores for tourists. 

pretty poor quality, not very pigmented, and almost chalky in consistency. Another present for my daughter.

Full size : £3.85

 I am interested in these press on nails. I am eager to see if they are kinder on my natural nails than the nails that you use the glue with. I will come back to these once I have reviewed them properly.

This product is American.

Full size : £7.99

 I am cautious about using this cleanser. Theres something nerv wracking about using an oil cleanser on oil prone skin!! 

I will try it...reluctantly...on a day where I have no important events scheduled for the following week or 2! :D

This is a japanese product.

Tester : about £3.00

 Very impressed with this item. At first look, I thought it was going to be some sort of UV top coat that glowed! is not. It is fantastic, as it takes away any yellow tinge on your nails, and makes them look super white and clean. Will review properly soon.

This is a German product, and I can see why it is included as an international superstar!

Full size : £7.95
 I have never heard of this. Apparently as a beauty therapist, I really should have!! It prolonges your lipstick, to reduce the need to touch up. 

This item is British.

Full size : £3.99
 I was happy to receive a bonus product. This is quite a nice lipstick...but I do think that they have over estimated the price! lol...nice try Glossybox. But it's a lovely colour, in glossy pink.

Full size : £9.50

SO the total value of the box is around £36.28. Although the price of the lipstick was inaccurate in my opinion.

Over all I was happy with this box. Not ecstatic...but certainly pleased. At least there was no toothpaste in here! :D

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