Friday, 24 August 2012

There she Grows...

I am the unlucky owner of frizz prone hair. Each strand of hair expands in different directions by the mere threat of moisture. No matter how much I moisturise with conditioners and frizz ease products, the second a single water droplet hits it, my whole head of hair tries to escape from their home.

SO I decided to try a more professional hair mask. I bought Osmo deep treatment mask from Sally's Beauty supply, and smothered my head with its contents for a good 15 minutes. I was desperate!

Well...I have to say that I wasted my money! I have bought high street brand conditioners that work better. Even in my house, my hair frizzed. Barely any humidity at all. I will use the tub up eventually...but will be investing in argon or macadamia oil hair products next...continuing my desperate search for a product that will tame my fly away locks.

 Straight after blow drying.
Half an hour after blow drying!

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