Saturday, 25 August 2012

imPRESS nails review

 Oki doki...I am finally going to try out the imPRESS nails, in the colour 060 Stiletto. I received these in the August Glossybox.

My first impressions of them are positive. They are good quality, easy to use, feel healthier on my natural nails compared to the ones you apply with glue, such as the Boots own stick on nails. They feel firmly stuck on, with no fuss or mess.

I personally do not like the colour. It's simply not me. They would look fabulous on some of my friends, but I am more of  a pastel and purple type of girl.

I'm happy with their appearance. Although, like most stick on nails, they do look false. I'm interested in how long they will last. The box states they'll last up to week. I will do a quick update blog to let you know how long they actually stay on.


  1. Still haven't tried impress nails. Look good and natural though, thanks for the review!

    Stoping by from the hop <3

    Ps A couple beauty bloggers and I created a FB group for all Beauty Bloggers feel free to join :)

  2. This is such a shock to me. I actually tried them myself and mine lasted about 11 days and while some of the edges lifted, I actually had to pry them off because none had actually come off on their own. Such a shame you didn't have the same luck :/
    On another note, I love your blog and am so glad I stumbed across it on the Beauty Blog Hop. Following GFC :)