Monday, 13 August 2012

Shopping spree! :)

So...I spent money I shouldn' have yesterday! Could not resist. 'Popping into boots and Sally's' turned into intense browsing and an hour of kissing goodbye to my budget!

I have become spending deprived the last 3 daughter broke her ankle, so we have been unable to do much other than stay at home. I miss my shopping!!

I have decided that none of you guys would blame me for the buys in Sally's. 3 china glaze polishes for £3.27 in total. Yes... £1.09 EACH!! The colours are Brownstone, Loft-y ambitions and Westside warrior. (Hmmmm...I have just noticed that the labels say £1.07...but was charged £1.09. Am I going to complain? Of course not!!! :D )

I also needed a deep conditioning treatment, so decided to try out osmo. It is such a large tub, so I am hoping I like it! It cost £6.99...but this is due to me having a trade card.

From boots I bought the 200 clear press on nails, for around £8.50. I am tired of the palava of acrylic nails, and I am being very lazy using these! So far I am happy with them and their appearance. Although it has only been 1 day!

I am so excited about the next product! I have heard great things about this. Apparently it is known as the best drugstore foundation. It is Revlon Color Stay. I like how they cater to both normal/dry to oily/combination skin. I bought the Oily/combination range, in Buff Chamois. I think that it smells a lot like Baileys, which I love!! I have not yet used it, but I will review it once I do. :) This was £12.

I also bought Rimmels soft kohl in pure white. I have very small eyes, so I am hoping that this  gives the illusion of wider eyes. I was looking for a more champaigne light color, as the white may be a bit harsh and striking. But I was unable to find one in any of the brands. pasty complexion is in severe need of some color! Finally I have succumbed to bronzers. I bought a medium-light one, and am hoping that it will perfect for my skin tone. To be completely honest, I bought it largely due to contouring. I am not blessed with naturally prominent cheek bones, or a super sharp chin line. So contouring is a must for me.

This is a cheaper product, costing me just £1.99. It is in 'Golden Glow'.

Ok, I shall leave it at that for a moment. I am going to use the products today, and I will review them later tonight. :)

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